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Approved Document K – Impact safety

Approved Document K of the Building Regulations governs protection from falling, collision and impact. Our fire safety glass meets these requirements as it is non-combustible and impact-safe. Our products also meets the following European-wide standards for impact safety:

BS EN 12600: Glass in building – impact test method and classification for flat glass

To meet this standard, a weight is dropped from 3 different heights on to a standard sized pane of glass. The glass is classified according to the point at which it breaks. Since it is also classified as safety material, our glass is marked to indicate the level of safety achieved during test.

BS 6262-4: Code of practice for glazing for buildings – Part 4: Safety related to human impact.

This standard provides safety recommendations for the vertical use of glass in locations likely to be subject to accidental human impact. The recommendations are intended to reduce impact related injuries and in particular the risk of cutting and piercing injuries.

BS 6180: Barriers in and about buildings – Code of practice.

This standard applies to temporary and permanent barriers designed to protect people from hazards, restrict access or control vehicle traffic, and provides a guide to the design, structure, height and strength of barriers.

To read more about the Building Regulations for impact safety, or to view the Approved Document K in full, click here.

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