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Fire Rated Glass

We can supply reliable and affordable fire resistant glass in all three standardised European fire protection classes: E – Integrity, EW – Radiation Control, and EI – Insulation, helping you to find the right solution for your building and installation needs.

Our range of toughened fire rated glass, delivering effective protection against fire from 30 to up to 180 minutes

Glass is available as single glazed or double glazed for internal and exterior applications.

For a quotation please provide your required sizes and the type of protection required.

Fire glass classification E: Integrity

Fire-resistant glass in category E: Integrity demonstrates the ability to prevent the passage of flames or hot gases through the glass when exposed to fire on one side, and to prevent the occurrence of flames on the unexposed side. Glass in category E: Integrity offers effective and economical protection from flames and smoke, but does not prevent the transmission of heat in the event of a fire.

Fire glass classification EW: Radiation Control

Fire-resistant glass in category EW: Radiation Control maintains all the integrity performance of E (resistance to flames and smoke) when exposed to fire on one side, and also provides some heat resistance, keeping the amount of radiant heat transfer to below 15 kW/m2 on the unexposed side.

Fire glass classification EI: Integrity and Insulation

Fire-resistant glass in category EI: Insulation offers the highest level of protection from flames, smoke and heat. This classification of fire rated glass performs to the standard of E when exposed to fire on one side, and also restricts temperature rise on the unexposed face to below the required standard.